Our Intro Course can be completed in three 45 minute small group or individual coached classes. Each class is 45 minutes long and you can complete it over a week or over a few weeks, if that suits you better. You’ll  learn everything you need to know with other CrossFit beginners in a safe, encouraging and supportive environment and using high quality CrossFit equipment. All exercises and weights can be scaled to your individual ability so your current fitness level (or lack of 🙂 ) isn’t important. Our experienced coaches will be with you every step of the way! So what are you waiting for? Let us help you start your CrossFit experience…




Our CrossFit classes are programmed by CrossFit Birkenhead owner and Head Coach, Paul Davies. Each workout is carefully planned to make sure we are consistently covering all all 10 general physical skills. These are; flexibility, endurence, strength, stamina, power, speed, agility, balance accuracy and coordination. Our 45 minute coached classes consist of a warm up, a strength or gymnastics session and then the daily conditioning workout or Workout of the Day (WOD). Generally our workouts are short and intense but there is the occasional longer workout thrown in every now and again. All classes are specifically designed to be scaled to any ability or limitation if needed. On Saturday mornings we usually mix it up a bit with a partner or team workout… these are lots of fun while still giving you an awesome workout!




CrossFit Kids was started in California in 2006 by Jeff and Mikki Martin of CrossFit Brand X. Their goal… to trial and test better ways to train kids to improve overall fitness while maximising fun and excitement. CrossFit Birkenhead owner and Head Coach Paul Davies attended their CrossFit Kids Certification in 2011 and has been bringing the knowledge he gained to our CrossFit Kids classes ever since. We teach various athletic skills like squatting, throwing, lifting, pushing, pulling, jumping and gymnastics in a safe and encouraging environment. The program focuses on making fitness training fun, with games and competition included in classes.