Today we’re going heavy with the clean. There is a lot of technique work in the workout prep so you can dial in good technique. If you’re still learning the movement, the coach will have you doing sets of 3-5 during the WOD instead of the 1’s so you can get more technique work done.

Workout prep, Clean Complex;

1 Hang power clean
1 Hang squat clean
1 squat clean

1 round every minute, 10 minutes. 

The 3 reps are consecutive, increase weight over the 10 minutes and aim to finish with a weight that is challenging to complete.


Squat clean 7 x 1 rep

3 minute rest between sets, set 1 should be about 80% of 1 rep max and make small increases. If all is going well, aim to reach your previous best about set 5-6 then hit a new PB.

Partner optional finisher:
7 Devils press (15/10)
Partner holds plank (any variation)

5 rounds each (10 minute cap)

Use a weight that will allow you to keep the devils presses unbroken.