If you missed the Open workout yesterday, you can do that today. For most people yesterdays open workout was less intense than 19.1 so you should be able to push hard in the run today.

Run 5k
30 minute cap

Compare to 19/02/2019

A repeat for those who chose the run option last month. Repeat the same course or distance you did last time and see how much faster you can go. We’ll spend 10-15 minutes on pose running drills beforehand. You’ll be able to apply some of the tips and skills for the run that follows. We’ve got a few options for the run. 5k is from the gym to Birkenhead Bus Station and back. Or 5 x laps of our 1k track to Bungalo Cafe and back. The run can be scaled to a shorter distance or a split of rowing and running if required. If doing the 5 x laps, we’ve got an option to run a shorter distance (to Huka road) and back to orange wall where you can record split times each round.

For scaling and detailed description, see the Zen Planner app.