This is the first day of ‘Girls’ week. For a few years now, a couple of weeks after the Open, we’ve programmed a whole week of named ‘Girls’ workouts. Some will be short and intense like the one we’re doing today, others longer. Some people like not knowing what the workout is until they turn up… but if you want to know which ones are coming, so you don’t miss your favorites, ask myself, Becca or Hamish.

Tabata handstands

Front squat
4 x 3 rep

WOD ‘Helen’
Run 400m*  (sinkhole modified run)
21 Kettlebell swing (24/16)
12 Pull up
3 rounds (12 minute cap)

Compare to: 10/04/2017

This workout is designed to be short and intense. It is a test of your stamina, your ability to continue at a high intensity without slowing down. Check the time when you finish the first round and try to complete the second and third rounds as close to that time as possible. Set yourself a goal of not stopping for the whole workout. Scale the pull ups to jumping pull ups if required. Also choose a kettle bell weight that you can do 3 rounds of 21 reps unbroken.