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Saturday 4 July

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  • Ring holds
  • L sit

4 rounds

Tabata handstands


‘Partner workout’

  • Row 600
  • 50 Wall ball
  • 40 Pull up
  • 50 Double under

*every time reps are broken, 3 burpee

20 minutes, as many rounds as possible

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Friday 3 July

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2015-07-02wod Bennett with the big 80kg Thrusters yesterday.


Weighted dips 4 x 3 rep


  • 5 Burpee box jump
  • 8 Kettle bell swing (32/24)

8 minutes, as many rounds as possible

  • Prone hold Tabata
  • 1 minute rest
  • Hollow rock Tabata

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Thursday 2 July

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2015-07-02bennett Coach Bennett is the ripe old age of 22 today! He’s put a few of his favoured exercises in todays workout


10min EMOM

  • 1 x Deadlift
  • 1 x Power Clean
  • 1 x Squat Clean-Thruster

Every second minute: ADD weight.. i.e start light and add 2.5kg/5kg


Cash In; Row 400

  • 11 Deadlift
  • 11 Box jump.

2 rounds

  • 11 Power clean
  • 11 Pull up

2 rounds

  • 22  Squat clean thruster.

Cash out; Run 400

Time Cap: 22min, Weight = 80% of max load found on Strength Block.

Wednesday 1 July

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2015-07-01liesl-jess First time competitors Liesl and Jess teamed up for the women’s scaled division on Saturday. Both got PB cleans in the strength workout!!


Deadlift 4 x 3 rep


  • Run 800
  • 60 Double under
  • 40 Dumbbell push press (15/10)
  • Run 200
  • 40 Dumbbell push press
  • 60 Double under
  • Run 800

Tuesday 30 June

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2015-06-29paul-shaun Paul M and Shaun, took out the mens division at the comp on Saturday. Cranking out reps on the partner deadlifts.


  • Weighted push up 4 x 3 rep
  • Weighted pull up 4 x 3 rep
  • 1 minute rest between each set


  • Toe to bar
  • Overhead squat (42.5/30)
  • Burpee

30, 20, 10 reps (15 min cap)

Monday 29 June

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2015-06-27-cfhc-cfb2015 Another great day up at CrossFit Hibiscus Coast on Saturday. A most enjoyable event, with fun workouts and a friendly competitive atmosphere. Well done John, Que and the CFHC crew!

We had a few first time competitors which is always awesome. A few PB cleans were achieved in the 3RM Clean workout, some going 3 reps in a row with weights they’ve never lifted before! Around the end of June next year it’ll be our turn to host a comp with CrossFit Hibiscus Coast members, looking forward to putting something fun together.


Back squat 4 x 3 rep


  • 2 Snatch
  • 3-5 High box jump

EMOM 15 minutes

Go for a challenging box height and choose your number of jumps according to how challenging the height is. If the boxes aren’t high enough, try the jerk blocks, they go up to 90cm.

Saturday 27 June

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hibiscus-coast-comp A shot of our first Interbox comp with Hibiscus coast in 2013. The comp is on from 12-3pm today, address is 4 Keith Hay Court, Silverdale. Lots of first time competitors from CFB and Hibiscus coast, come support them if you can.


Turkish get up 3, 2, 1, 1 rep


‘Partner workout’

  • 40 Kettlebell swing (24/16)
  • 30 Push press (50/35)
  • 20 Partner sit up
  • 10 Turkish get up (24/16)

One person doing reps at any one time, apart from sit ups which are done together (20 each), high 5 at the top. Every TGU counts as a rep.

18 minutes, as many rounds as possible

Friday 26 June

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2015-06-25wod Caitlin’s PB Deadlift for 5 reps on her Birthday!


Shoulder press, Push press, Jerk 3, 5, 5 reps

4 sets


  • Squat clean (60/40)
  • Pull up

10 to 1 reps

Thursday 25 June

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2015-06-24wod Overhead squat PB for Soph, for 3 reps. Hardest part was getting the bar overhead!


Deadlift 4 x 5 rep


  • Run 400
  • 30m Overhead plate lunge (20/15)
  • 20 Push up

3 rounds (15 min cap)

Wednesday 24 June

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2015-06-23wod This 51.25kg weighted push up gets Graeme into 3rd place on the masters leader board.

There are a few people who struggle with overhead squats. So much flexibility is required, across so many parts of the body. One option sometimes chosen is to avoid the workout and come another day. A better option, is to come ask the coaches to show you how to improve your flexibility for overhead squats. We can make big improvements when we identify what is causing the problem, then overhead squats can start being enjoyable!


Overhead squat 4 x 3 rep


  • 4 Man maker (20/15)
  • 10 Toe to bar
  • 10 Box jump

10 minutes, as many rounds as possible



John Mayhew
I have been a member at CrossFit Birkenhead for the last 2 years and prior to that, CrossFit Birkenhead coach Paul Davies had been training me using CrossFit methods in one-on-one sessions. CrossFit workouts are unparallel to any other workouts in the New Zealand fitness industry today and it is not a new fad that is going to disappear anytime soon. In a CrossFit class members are always educated on best practise and technique is always taught and monitored. As a physician, I have been impressed by Paul’s ability to scale workouts to appropriately suit individual needs. Each CrossFit workout is always different and your body and mind is continually challenged. I have referred my own family and friends to Paul and many of them are now also members of CrossFit Birkenhead.
John Mayhew