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Saturday 10 October

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Overhead squat 3, 2, 1, 1 rep


‘Partner workout’

  • 100 Wall ball
  • 80 Burpee
  • 60 Squat clean (60/40)
  • 80 Push up
  • 100 Pull up

20 minute cap

Friday 9 October

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2015-10-09deadlift “It’s hard to imagine a more useful application of strength than picking up heavy sh#t off the ground” – Coach Ripp.

One of my main passions down south was taking a strength program. It started off small with 2-3 attendees and ended up being booked out in advance. I even hear it’s become so popular they are having to run two separate intakes to deal with demand. Putting it simply, that was the result of results.

Want to improve your ability to perform CrossFit?
“The only aspect of conditioning that really will never have a negative effect on any others is maximal strength development. It will have a positive effect on almost every component of fitness except maybe flexibility. That’s the only one that will have some true carry over to everything” – Dave Tate

The next wave of Strength Club 2.0 is coming up. It will be deadlift focused. Once again there will be once a week and twice a week options (Wednesday 6.45pm and Saturday 7am). If you are unsure about whether you should try this program, talk to one of the attendees of the previous intake. I’m sure they will have only positive things to say.

On top of doing deadlifts we will be focusing on mobility and using assistance exercises to build strength on different stages of the deadlift. Expect partial deadlifts, deadlift stance box squats, romanian deadlifts, speed reverse lunges, Yates rows, Kroc rows and bent over barbell rows.


  • Tabata toe to bar 
  • Tabata hollow rock
  • 4 rounds of each. For T2B, focus is on consecutive reps across the 20 seconds whether you’re reaching the bar or not.


Deadlift 4 x 5 rep


  • Row 1000
  • 10 Turkish get up (32/24) *5 each arm
  • 100 Double under
  • 10 Turkish get up

15 min time cap

Thursday 8 October

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2015-10-08strengthc Pictured is Andy hitting a 105kg Front Squat. A 15kg PR in Strength Club!!

Todays post is from coach Bennett, a debrief from his recent Strength Club course which focused on the Front Squat.

First strength club intake at CrossFit Birkenhead complete. Front squat, done!
Some other results:The two boys (Chook and Vinny) took their 80kg max to triple digits. That’s a 20kg jump.
Both Heather and Sonn increased their PR  5+ KG. As did Pete, even after missing a week or two of training!
Fiona smashed her old max and put 10+ KG on her PR.Crazy to see what can happen over the course of a few specific, well structured sessions with smart and simple progressions. The best thing I heard over the course of  6 weeks was the ladies commenting on how much stronger they felt during actual WODs. There’s a reason why we do strength at the start of every session guys – get serious in that time. Joking and laughing is great, but get fired up with your lifting buddy and push each other to what you are capable of!

The next Strength Club intake starts this Wednesday the 14th, focus is Deadlift. Details on tomorrows post.

Snatch 5 x 2 rep



  • Overhead squat (42.5/30)
  • Burpee

21, 15, 9 reps, for time.

Compare to: 09/11/2012

Wednesday 7 October

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2015-10-07wod Gymnastics:

  • Tabata prone hold
  • Tabata hollow rock


  • Weighted dip
  • Barbell row
  • 4 x 5 rep


  • Run 800
  • 60 Wall ball
  • Run 400
  • 20 Muscle up

15 min cap

Tuesday 6 October

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  • Planche progressions
  • Ring holds
  • 4 rounds


Front squat 4 x 3 rep


  • 2 Clean (1 power, 1 squat)
  • 4 Burpee bar hop

15 minute EMOM

Monday 5 October

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2015-10-05wod Mike R and Mark with synchronised weighted pull ups during the 6.30am class!


Handstand Tabata


  • Weighted pull up
  • Shoulder press
  • 4 x 3 rep


  • 6 Chest to bar pull up
  • 6 Shoulder to overhead @ 110% of sho. press average
  • 6 Box jump

10 minutes, as many rounds as possible

Saturday 3 October

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2015-10-03wod Caleb’s 90kg Thrusters looked like they should have been 100+kg!


Thruster 5, 3, 1, 1 reps


‘Partner relay’

  • 5 Thruster @ 70% of max
  • 10 Toe to bar
  • 10 Burpee
  • Row 200

5 rounds each

1 person does the complete round while other rests. T2B must be consecutive unbroken reps, scale to suit. Every round should be hit hard and fast.

Friday 2 October

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2015-10-02pbboard Another month of PB’s on the board. Heather wins the $30 cabinet credit this month with her Overhead and Front Squats. Bennetts Strength Club crew got a lot of PB’s in the last weeks of their 6 week Front Squat programme. The next strength club movement will be 6 weeks of working on the Deadlift. Classes on Wednesday evenings 6.45pm and/or Saturday morning 7am. Next intake starts on Wednesday 14th October, get your name up on the blackboard if you want in, or talk to a coach if you have any questions.


  • Weighted push up
  • Bent over barbell row
  • 4 x 3 rep


  • 2 Snatch (1 power, 1 squat)
  • 3-5 High box jump
  • EMOM, 15 minutes

Thursday 1 October

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2015-10-01wod Big overhead squat PB for Victor. 3 reps at 55kg, 5kg over his previous PB.


Deadlift 4 x 3 rep


  • 5 Front squat (75/50)
  • 10 Pull up
  • 20 Double under

7 rounds (14 min cap)

Wednesday 30 September

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Core test 2.0


Overhead squat 4 x 3 rep


  • Row 1000
  • 50 Wall ball
  • 25 Handstand push up
  • 12 Muscle up



Katie Noble
I started working with Paul in January 2009 and while I have tried almost all types of exercise before, gyms, aerobic classes, yoga and team sport. This is the most fun I have ever had exercising. You never really know what to expect each class to bring, except that you will be worked hard and truly feel like your body has been pushed, but within your limits. Besides the fun, I feel significantly stronger and a lot healthier. In addition, I have managed to lose a good amount of weight. Paul has also been great in helping me with my diet and nutrition and overall I just feel better and more on to it.
Katie Noble