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Wednesday 31 August

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Thruster 3, 2, 1, 1.

Bar is to be cleaned from the floor, no squat racks.


  • Snatch

1 every 20 seconds, 12 minutes

Intensity comes down a bit today, focus can be on good form and fast lifts (this workout can be tougher than it looks though). You can do full squat snatches to increase the amount of ‘work’ done in the 12 minutes, even add an overhead squat after the snatch. If your focus is more on achieving max lifts, you can start lighter and build the weight up to 60-70%. After the 12 minutes, take 2 minutes rest then build to max, resting 1 to 2 minutes between lifts.

Tuesday 30 August

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2016-08-11wod1 Todays workout is influenced by Kirsty’s Birthday. She said she’d only come in if we had exercises she likes…wall balls?!? She’s also set a goal of a full Rx push up by her Birthday, she’s been getting so close recently, today is the day!


  • Weighted push up
  • Barbell row
  • 4 x 3 rep


  • 50 Wall ball
  • 50 Kettle bell swing (24/16)

2 rounds (15 minute cap)

Break up the wall balls to small numbers and aim for 5-10 seconds rest max, then pick up the ball up and continue. Kettle bell swings can be higher numbers, keep you weight through your heels and core engaged to minimise fatigue in your back.

Monday 29 August

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Back squat 4 x 3 rep


  • 5 Power clean (75/50)
  • 8 Toe to bar
  • 20 Double under

6 rounds (14 minute cap)

The cleans should be heavy today. To keep the intensity high, scale the toe to bar and/or double under quantity to ensure you finish the first round under 2 minutes.

Saturday 27 August

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2016-08-27wod Great Clean PB for Grace today, got 51kg on the second attempt. I think it was a PB front squat as well?


Clean & jerk 5 x 2 rep


‘Partner workout’

  • 50 Dumbbell push press (20/15)
  • Partner does bar hang for reps to count
  • 50 Kettle bell swing (24/16)
  • Partner does prone hold for reps to count
  • Run 200

16 minutes, as many rounds as possible

Friday 26 August

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Turkish get up 3, 2, 1, 1



  • 5 Pull up
  • 10 Push up
  • 15 Squat

20 minutes, as many rounds as possible.

Compare to: 18/01/2016

Thursday 25 August

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  • Accumulate 2 minutes of L sit
  • Alternate with planche progressions

Scale the L sit position to allow you to get 2 minutes within the 10 minute time cap


  • 5 Deadlift
  • max distance handstand walk
  • 5 rounds
  • 15 Wall ball
  • 30 Double under
  • 5 rounds

1 exercise every minute

These ‘on the minute’ workouts allow you to lower the intensity and focus on better movement, with high skill movements and strength exercises there to keep you challenged.

Deadlift weight should be at 70-80% of max. Handstand walk can be scaled to roll outs on the mats, or a new box variation.

Wednesday 24 August

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  • Barbell row
  • Weighted push up
  • 4 x 5 rep


  • 6 Power snatch (42.5/30)
  • 6 Front squat

5 minutes, as many rounds as possible

Rest 3 minutes

  • 5 Power snatch
  • 5 Front squat

5 minutes, as many rounds as possible

The intention in this workout is to have you doing most rounds unbroken, with short rests between. Choose a weight that will allow you to do this. Push the first amrap hard, then try to beat your number of rounds in the second. (If you beat it, you probably didn’t work hard enough in the first one) Keep on your feet and move around during the 3 minute rest to maximise recovery and prepare for the next amrap.

Tuesday 23 August

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2016-08-23wod Strength:

Clean 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1.
The first 3 sets are touch and go and the set of 4 reps should be challenging, so don’t count your warm up sets! These should also be squat cleans.


  • Run 400
  • 30m Overhead plate lunge (20/15)
  • 20 Pull up

3 rounds (14 minute cap)

Todays wod should be fast and unbroken. To do this, your coach can give you options to scale the plate lunge weight, pull up volume or even run distance to allow you to keep moving fast. Aim to finish the first round in 3-4mins.

Monday 22 August

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2016-08-22wod Gymnastics:

  • Tabata toe to bar
  • Tabata hollow rock

Stay on the bar for each round of 20 seconds for T2B, scale to achieve 10+reps per round.


Overhead squat 4 x 3 rep


  • 8 Shoulder to overhead (50/35)
  • 5 Burpee box jump

8 minutes, as many rounds as possible

Todays workout is short, your lungs will get working hard. To get the most out of this workout you’ll have to minimise rest and move fast between exercises.

Saturday 20 August

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Clean & Jerk 5 x 2 rep

Increase weight about 2.5 to 5kg for each set.


‘Partner relay’

  • 3 Clean & Jerk @ 70-80% of max set
  • 10 Toe to bar
  • 6 Burpee
  • Run 200

5 rounds each

The clean & jerks will be touch and go. (no rest between reps) Toe to bar must also be continuous, scale to high knee raise if required. For burpees work on fast efficient movement. The run will test your stamina, push it hard as you’ll get a rest while your partner does their round.



John Mayhew
I have been a member at CrossFit Birkenhead for the last 2 years and prior to that, CrossFit Birkenhead coach Paul Davies had been training me using CrossFit methods in one-on-one sessions. CrossFit workouts are unparallel to any other workouts in the New Zealand fitness industry today and it is not a new fad that is going to disappear anytime soon. In a CrossFit class members are always educated on best practise and technique is always taught and monitored. As a physician, I have been impressed by Paul’s ability to scale workouts to appropriately suit individual needs. Each CrossFit workout is always different and your body and mind is continually challenged. I have referred my own family and friends to Paul and many of them are now also members of CrossFit Birkenhead.
John Mayhew